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UI/UX Website design content strategy

Connekting Dots is a boutique communications agency that engages with corporations, startups, brands – both established and emerging, high-profile individuals, regional businesses, and others, to help them define and achieve their goals. Harnessing insight, experience, and creativity, they amplify a brand by way of PR & media outreach.

In a recent website project undertaken by VALIUXE, our primary challenge was retrieving lost domain and hosting credentials for The client, a small business owner, had lost access to their domain and hosting accounts, leaving their website in a state of limbo. To address this issue, our team diligently worked on contacting various service providers, navigating through complex verification processes, and finally, successfully recovering access to both the domain and hosting accounts. This crucial step was instrumental in moving the project forward.

With the credentials crisis resolved, the next focal point was branding. needed a fresh, modern look. Collaborating closely with the client, VALIUXE refined their brand identity, opting for a cleaner and more vibrant color palette. A professional logo was designed, and a style guide established to maintain consistency throughout the website. This branding overhaul provided with a strong, unique online presence that resonated with their target audience.

The third aspect of the project was improving the user interface (UI). VALIUXE conducted extensive user research and analyzed visitor behavior to identify pain points in the existing design. Implementing user-friendly navigation, clear calls to action, and responsive design elements, we created a highly intuitive UI. The result was an enhanced user experience, with visitors easily finding the information they needed and interacting seamlessly with

In conclusion, this case study, authored by VALIUXE, illustrates how we successfully tackled the challenges of lost credentials, branding, and a user-friendly UI in a website project for Through diligent efforts to regain access, a revitalized brand identity, and an improved UI, we not only resurrected’s online presence but also elevated the website’s performance and user satisfaction.

“when you have passionate enterpreneurs,it shows in the work.”

Neha Khilnani