UI/UX Website design content strategy

Naani’s Food is an emerging startup in the food space with a mission to provide accessible, scrumptious, and nutritious yet ready-to-eat meals to people who lack the time or skills to cook. With its comforting, home-cooked recipes, they have successfully delighted the Indian diaspora, evoking a sense of nostalgia among them.

It was our first time collaborating with a food brand and it was nothing short of exciting. The task at hand was particularly thrilling: crafting a website that seamlessly facilitated orders from both the United States and India. We embraced the challenge with enthusiasm, recognizing the opportunity to showcase our expertise and innovation in catering to diverse global audiences.

  • The concept driving the website was to maintain simplicity while seamlessly guiding users from the shop page to the cart. In terms of design, inspiration was drawn from vintage Indian aesthetics, evident in the intricate patterns adorning the background throughout the website.

The next step was to establish Naani’s as the go-to destination for ready-to-eat Indian meals. A meticulously curated content calendar was devised to provide the much-needed initial momentum. User-generated content (UGC) took precedence, with relatable reels being posted to resonate with and captivate our target audience effectively.

“Team Valiuxe Understood our vision clearly and delivered precisely what we envisioned.”

Abhijay Vuyyuru