Vivante Organica

UI/UX Website design content strategy

“Vivante Organica” enters the organic food industry with a commitment to providing consumers with wholesome, sustainably sourced products. As a newcomer, the brand recognized the importance of setting a unique tone that would stand out in the competitive landscape while retaining the core values of organic living.

The journey of creating a captivating brand identity for “Vivante Organica,” a budding organic food brand. Faced with the challenge of establishing a fresh and distinctive presence in the market, the project involved developing a logo, brand guidelines, collaterals, and a UI/UX design that exuded both novelty and luxury, all while staying true to the brand’s organic essence.

The journey was marked by the following pivotal challenges:

  • Emerging Brand Identity: Crafting an identity that would resonate with consumers as a fresh and innovative presence in the market.
  • Luxurious Freshness: Merging the concepts of freshness and luxury to create an intriguing and appealing brand image.

The strategy to address these challenges encompassed an array of technical and skill-based solutions:

    1. Exploratory Research: Comprehensive research was conducted to identify whitespace in the market and to understand the preferences of the target audience. This guided the strategy of crafting a distinct and compelling identity.
    2. Color Palette: A vibrant and harmonious color palette was chosen to evoke a sense of freshness and luxury. Hues of mint green and soft gold were paired to convey both novelty and elegance.
    3. Logo Concept: The logo design centered around an abstract representation of a blooming leaf, symbolizing growth, freshness, and the organic origin of the products. The typography was chosen to be modern and legible, aligning with the brand’s youthful spirit.
    4. Brand Collaterals: Collaterals like packaging and promotional materials were designed with an emphasis on minimalism and playfulness. Imagery of organic produce was combined with the color palette to create a visually appealing and cohesive brand identity.
    5. UI/UX Experience: The digital platforms were designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. High-quality imagery, easy navigation, and interactive elements contributed to a captivating and enjoyable user experience.



The branding initiative yielded the following outcomes:

  1. Distinctive Identity: “Vivante Organica” successfully established itself as a fresh and unique brand, setting it apart from competitors in the market.
  2. Positive Reception: The brand’s novel approach received positive feedback from its target audience, who appreciated the youthful and luxurious aesthetic.
  3. Increased Engagement: The well-designed digital platforms garnered increased user engagement, encouraging visitors to explore the brand’s offerings.

The holistic approach yielded remarkable outcomes:


The transformation of “Vivante Organica” exemplifies the potential of strategic branding for new and emerging brands. By infusing elements of novelty and luxury into every aspect, from the vibrant logo to the engaging digital experience, the brand positioned itself as a breath of fresh air in the organic food sector. This case study underscores the significance of thoughtful brand identity in capturing consumer attention and establishing a lasting presence.

“We wanted to convey the idea that ‘Vivante’ is where luxury meets organic, and Valiuxe nailed it!”

Rahul Dhaybhai